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Life Time Fitness to buy back up to $200M shares

August 19, 2013

(AP) Life Time Fitness Inc. said Monday that it plans to buy back up to $200 million shares of its common stock, replacing a $60 million fund that expired on Saturday. Under the old buyback program, the gym operator spent $50 million to repurchase 1.1 million shares. The new buyback will end once the company completes $200 million in repurchases or on Aug. 16, 2015, whichever happens first.

I keep meticulous track of how far and how long I run, as well as my pace. Every night before bed, I make sure my devices are charged or at least being charged. Last night was no exception. Today when I unplugged my Garmin 10 from the wall, the battery icon looked full and happy. I went outside and set it to find the GPS signal (which means I pushed a button).

FITNESS 2013 Gear Guide: The Best Sports Bras

"I was never good at remembering names, but after that I was brutal." But Cheslea, who had been doing a master's degree in Ireland before his injury, was determined to go back to school. After three months of playing Lumosity's Internet-based games nearly every day, he said his memory and his peripheral vision have gotten noticeably better. "I do see the improvements, and my family sees the improvements... but progress is a slow process, as they say." Some of the major hurdles Cogniciti could face include being able to market the product in a way that makes it seem credible and winning the approval of the medical community, said Fernandez. "Will (doctors) understand the value of this?

Growth of brain fitness industry prompts creation of new online memory checkup

And a half cup has just 35 calories. Whole Grain Cereal Looking for something to nosh before you hit the gym? Raid your cereal stash. The healthiest brands contain endurance-boosting complex carbs and muscle-building protein. Sixty minutes before a workout, fuel up with a 200-calorie snack: cup of whole-grain cereal with 4 ounces of fat-free milk. "When you eat something before exercising, you have more energy, so you can work out harder and perhaps longer.

Our sports bra picks provide the moderate motion control that will support you through your drill. A/B cup: Seamless Solow Eclon Jersey racerback pullover ($37, A/B cup: Lightweight Nux Sublime compression bra ($40, C/D cup: Nike Pro Hypercool compression bra with keyhole racerback ($35, C/D cup: Pullover Roxy Cross Back Seamless sports bra ($38, DD+ cup: The North Face Bounce Be Gone compression bra ($32, DD+ cup: C9 by Champion Women's Seamless Cami sports bra with adjustable crisscross straps ($17, Related: The Best Sneakers for Every Workout With a Twist The real challenge in yoga is keeping your cleavage inside its cups during inverted poses like downward dog. Choose a higher neckline, advises sports bra expert Nicola Brown, PhD, a lecturer at St. Mary's University College. And if you're worried about straps that slip, try a crossback style: A new study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that while crossbacks produced more pressure on shoulders, wearers reported no increased pain. A/B cup: Athleta Namaste Seamless compress bra ($44, A/B cup: Lightly padded Under Armour Seamless Advantage pullover bra with adjustable straps ($40, C/D cup: Lululemon Athletica Energy pullover crisscross bra ($52, C/D cup: Champion The Smoothie High-Support sports bra with hook closure and convertible crisscross straps ($38, DD+ cup: Oakley Continuity racerback ($28 to $35, DD+ cup: Encapsulation-style 2XU Ultimate Endurance bra with hook closure ($75, Out of the Box As CrossFit devotees crank out AMRAPs of plyometric moves like burpees and box jumps, their bodies -- including the breasts -- experience jolts comparable to those in step aerobics (one and three-quarters times your body weight) and gymnastics (more than twice your weight). Try a maximum motion-control sports bra with a higher neckline so you don't spill out while you're catching air -- or showboating!

Fitness not just about working out: Nargis Fakhri (Movie Snippets)

"I am looking forward to this association and hope to build a positive momentum for the brand and for women's fitness in India," said the actress. The brand's other brand ambassadors include ace cricketers M.S. Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir and Unmukt Chand; hockey majors Sandeep Singh and Sardar Singh; fitness trainers Piyush Pandey and Dheepesh Bhatt; and Bollywood actor John Abraham. -*- Shahid Kapoor had fun doing mawali dance He is a fantastic dancer. He loves to dance.

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