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Hotel Fitness Trends You Need to Know Now

July 19, 2013

At the Sanctuary Hotel in NYC, guests get complimentary passes to the Equinox a few blocks away (where Madonna apparently works out), which has a spa, Kiehl's amenities in locker rooms, WIFI, cold plunge pool, steam room, and daily classes. Also in NYC, guests who stay at Hotel Indigo receive free classes at Revolve studios, including the popular "Real Ride," which takes riders on a 45-minute endurance-packed ride along uneven terrain and long hills. At Thompson Beverly Hills in LA, guests can book private yoga with esteemed associates of celebrity trainer Danny Lucio (Rihanna and Bieber are clients). Fitness "Challenges" Many hotels get a heavy rotation of fit travelers looking for something more (and more fun) than just a fitness center. So some are taking note and offering challenging programs. Over at Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands, guests can participate in the Island-Athon challenges, including the Islander Challenge (1/2 mile kayak, 5 mile loop by bike, 2 mile run/walk).

For U.S. retirees, fitness lessons from Japan

But officials have a good point -- how many times have you tried to use a public park for a family picnic or a game of pickup football, only to discover that a body sculpting boot camp or yoga class was taking up all the lawn space? Are paid fitness classes entitled to the same use of public parks as non-paying members of the general public? On the other hand, fitness classes, regardless of whether or not they charge people for their services, are technically still taxpaying contributors to the park system just like the rest of the general public. From this perspective, fitness classes have the same rights as anyone else when it comes to using public parks for recreation. And with so many overweight individuals in America today, it seem somewhat counterintuitive for city officials to meddle with public park usage.

Fitness: How to roll away that tension

The researcher Miller, 45, says that while building stronger muscles is protective for older people, strength training is important for everyone. People begin to lose muscle mass and strength in their 30s, which slows metabolism. says that each extra pound of muscle you carry can burn up to 50 additional calories per day just to maintain itself and with no effort on your part. Others, however, suggest that the muscle effect is probably much smaller. Lifting weights can counteract muscle loss. Of course, you still may not be able to lift as much weight in your 60s as you could in your 20s, but you can slow muscle loss, which otherwise can decline by 5percent per decade after age 30. The only difference between 20 and 60 is that you might be lifting less weight at 60.

iWatch’s novelty emerges as Apple taps sensor and fitness experts

While much of the former Authentec team is focused on developing fingerprint solutions for devices like the iPhone ( perhaps even the next model ), some team members are working on sensors for the iWatch. In addition to physical sensors that could be placed on top of device hardware, sources say that Apple has been toying with solutions that could embed a fingerprint reader into a high-resolution Multi-Touch display. Sources warn, however, that the technology to implement the sensor into a display will only be available multiple years into the future and it does not seem immediately intuitive to have a fingerprint reader on a watch. The team also includes specialists in the development of miniature, power-efficient system-on-a-chips. For thin, light wearable devices, Apple will need to download develop processors that are even smaller and more versatile than those found in iPhones, iPods, and iPads. For chips, Apple has unsurprisingly tapped members of Bob Mansfields semiconductor team, but it has also poached employees from chip design firms such as Infineon and XMOS . Apple has also hired workers for the team from various companies that specialize in devices that could analyze sleep patterns.

Denver to start charging groups who do yoga or fitness in public parks

Schneider saw evidence of this in his own family. At age 89, his very active grandmother was a nursing home volunteer; by the time she reached the same age, his more sedentary mother was a nursing-home resident. The median national rate for a private room in a nursing home is $83,950 annually, according to the 2013 Genworth Cost of Care Survey (although cost, of course, isnt the only reason most people would prefer to age in their own homes). Even the frailest older people can benefit from moving to the extent theyre able, said Michael R. Mantell, senior fitness consultant for behavioral sciences for the American Council on Exercise. His wife Paula, a certified personal trainer, has among her clients a couple in their 80s. The wife is wheelchair-bound and has Alzheimers disease, but she delights in playing catch and other games with Paula, and shes improving her strength, balance and coordination by doing so, Mantell said.

Fitness at 20 vs. 60: Experts give advice

It is a specialized connective tissue layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints, which gives support and protection to the body. So how does it work? Fascia is like a highly active plastic wrap around muscles that provides stability and energy transport. SMR targets the fascial and nervous systems of the body to increase circulation and elasticity to release tension and trigger points in the body. When tension builds due to overuse, muscular imbalance or injury, the fascia binds up. These taut bands can be identified by tenderness or pain to palpate.

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